While Call Of Duty: Warzone might look like a pretty simple battle royale at first glance, the deeper you look, the more intricacies you're going to notice. There is a ton of complexity in the Warzone, and much of it comes down to the loadouts. How you set up your weapons is critical, but it's just as critical to decide which perks to run with.

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To help you figure out which perks are going to be a boon and which you're going to want to boo (sorry), let's take a look at each:


The first in the Perk 3 slot, this perk reduces revive time by 25%. It really isn't going to make a huge difference in most situations; when it does happen to make a difference, it'll be a lifesaver (literally), but it usually isn't going to come into play.



This perk allows you to see enemy footprints for a short while, as well as let you see enemy death locations and even hide the death location of enemies you kill. This can help you track down an opponent you may have lost track of, but most of the time, this isn't going to be all that great.


This perk starts health regeneration immediately upon killing an enemy. Since your health bar is only half of your actual health in Warzone, when considering armor, this perk really isn't going to be make-or-break.


Scavenger allows you to resupply ammo from dead players. This is mostly going to come into effect in the early game when ammo is likely in short supply.

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By the time you've gotten your loot and/or your loadout, you probably in pretty good shape, ammo-wise, and won't necessarily need this.


This perk doubles the duration of Tactical Sprint and also increases crouch movement speed by 30%. This really isn't going to make a very big difference in Warzone; sometimes that extra Tactical Sprint time will get you into cover before you get put down, but more often than not, the perk isn't going to come into any important play.


This perk is going to increase your chances of finding killstreaks in supply boxes. It's still definitely not going to be a surefire thing; they'll still be few and far between. But that little bit of an extra chance is nice, isn't it?

12 E.O.D.

This perk allows you to take reduced damage from non-killstreak fire and explosives. It can be a pretty nice perk for Warzone, though it isn't going to be as much of a benefit here as it is in normal multiplayer. As long as you have armor, claymores and proximity mines aren't going to one-shot you here. But, those times it does save your life, it's going to feel pretty nice.


This perk starts out the Perk 2 slot options and allows you to recharge equipment over 50 seconds. This can actually be pretty nice depending on which equipment you have and the situation you find yourself in; that equipment can go a long way in winning a tough fight.


This perk makes your vision pulse when enemies that you aren't looking at happen to look at you. This can go a long way in avoiding those sniper shots that you don't see coming, but it's hard to justify this perk over so many others in the 2nd slot.


This perk allows you to see field upgrades, killstreaks, and enemy equipment through walls. It also allows you to hack enemy claymores, C4, proximity mines, and trophy systems. This is mostly going to be used to make sure you don't accidentally stray into a claymore or proximity mine, and it can be really useful in that regard.


Shrapnel allows you to spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Lethals don't usually win or lose fights in Warzone due to the range many fights end up being fought in. That said, if you're running proximity mines or claymores, this is going to allow you to cover twice the area, making it much easier to cover your flanks.


This perk severely reduces the effect of flash, stun, EMP, and gas grenade effects. It also makes you mostly immune to snapshot grenades. This is an all-or-nothing perk; when it works, it's going to make all the difference in the world. But if no one's throwing any of these grenades at you, it's going to be a wasted slot.


This perk allows you to swap weapons quicker and makes your rocket launcher reload time more tolerable. In certain loadouts, this perk is going to be a waste. But if your loadout includes something like an LMG, sniper rifle, or a rocket launcher, Amped is really going to increase your quality of life.


This perk allows every member of your team to earn some more money from completed missions. This is more or less going to result in having a bit of a lesser Hardline, except it benefits your whole team.


This perk knocks 25% off the price of killstreaks, field upgrades, and armor plates. This is a really, really good perk, allowing you to get much more bang for your buck. It's a shame this is in the Perk 2 slot, surrounded by a ton of other great perks, because Hardline is really worth its weight in gold.


This perk is the one that most people run in Warzone in their Perk 1 slot, and for good reason: Cold-Blooded makes you completely undetectable by Thermal Optics.

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Eagle-eyed players can still notice you through a thermal scope, but you'll be much less obvious, allowing you to (usually) sneak right through their line of sight.


One of the more popular perks, Overkill allows you to bring two primary weapons in your loadout. It's impossible to overstate the value of this perk; it should really only be skipped over if you've already got a strong secondary weapon to pick back up.


Every bit as popular as Overkill (and more useful, if you've already got a decent second weapon), this perk hides you from UAVs, Radar Drones, and Heartbeat Sensors. You can really mess up the enemy's plans by surprising them with this perk, especially in the late-game. It is absolutely recommended.

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